Most designs start out with either the writer creating the content or the UX framework. It’s only later that the two come together and they need to make sense and enhance each other for the ultimate user experience. This article from our very own blog shares just how to mesh these two integral parts of UX designs in a way that will enhance the final experience.

The first step determines what happens after that. If your writers have wireframes full of lorem ipsum, they can try to create influential text for landing pages, blog posts, and other products. If your UX designers have text intended for the target audience, they need to find ways to incorporate those words into the overall product experience.

The following strategies should help you break down the barriers between your writers and design team so they can develop better digital experiences that attract more users.

Annur Developer

One of the biggest UX signals that Google can measure is pogo sticking, which is when a user visits a site from Google search, doesn’t find what they were looking for and clicks back to Google only to go to another search result. Users repeat this process a few times until they finally visit a site and never click back.

Of course, it isn’t fair to say make product managers in charge of bringing teams together without giving them tools for collaboration. You can’t count on expectations alone to break down silos. You need real tools and strategies that get results.